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Rodeo Mailer Offers The Best In Email Marketing

To rustle up your own list you need a great deal of Dinero (Money), dedication and time. But what if there was a tried and true system out there that allowed you to tap into an existing list filled with active prospects and buyers?

Just imagine what that could do for your online income. Reaching thousands of people every day and tens of thousands every month!

This is what Rodeo Mailer offers you, a stampede of buyers all eager to see what you have to offer.

This new Viral List Builder not only provides you with all the finest advertising options your site needs, we also packed it with a whole heap of features:

Timed Ads
Click Incentives
Email Advertising
7 Second Timer
Monthly Bonus Credits
Dynamic Clicking Ratios
Banner and Text Advertising
Spot light ads
Send Ahead Feature
Residual Credits
Reset Mailer
Weekly Bonuses
Downline Builder
And MUCH More...

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"With all the features and incentives that Rodeo Mailer provides, you can guarantee that this mailer is going to be popular among the viral mailer crowd."

Adam Figueroa

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